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The perfect combination of Performance & Beauty.

An experience for all your senses

We are probably one of the few instrument manufacturers in the world that harvest their own tonewoods. From log to finished product, we've set out to create an instrument that combines the best performance with the most exotic woods in the world

Our Strenghts

The most critical part of a guitar’s tone comes from the woods and materials that make up its construction.  That's why in Exomad we have carefully selected a wide variety of tonewoods that besides providing high quality acoustics, also provide stunning textures to your instrument

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We do private labels

As one of the biggest worldwide suppliers of tonewoods for major instrument brands of the world, we've set out to build a production line that can reach the highest international standards for musical instruments. If you are looking to outsource your production feel free to contact us. 

Our Production

We source the best materials

Bolivian wood is highly valued in the global musical instrument industry, due to its technical qualities, which is reflected in instruments of high acoustic quality and performance.


Using State-of-the-art technology

we manufacture with high precision technology, pieces for the creation of instruments such as violins and guitars

And highly trained staff

We pride ourselves in having skilled artisans that are continuolsy trained to deliver the highest quality possible for our guitars


Other Instruments

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