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Sawn Timber

As Bolivia's top exporter of sawn timber, we have been working for the last ten years to showcase to the world, the benefits of bolivian timber. 

Bolivian timber has several unique features that makes it the ideal choice for your project. In both aspects, architectural and technical. 

We have been participating in the development of projects overseas, feel free to contact us for inquiries and comments.


Our Projects


United States

Fisher Island

One of our most prestigious projects has been in Fisher Island, Florida, USA. Where we have been part of the project in the construction of Palazzo della Luna and Palazzo del Sole and Sales center. 

We provided all the material to create the common areas such as the Lobbies, the pools, the garden walkways and the penthouses' gazebos and decking.

The following video details an experience from one of our costumers with our service and products.


Ipe was used extensively throughout this project. Ipe's amazing techincal features makes it one of our most requested wood.

It is perfect for interiors and exteriors, and among its advantages we can name its non flammability, durability, strength and overall aesthetics 


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