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Our Forests

The best from the best

Exquisitely Sourced

Strategically located in the eastern region of Bolivia–one of the three tropical dry forests in the world– Exomad harvests wood exclusively from Bolivian sustainable tropical dry forests, adhering to strict national and international standards on sustainable forestry.

Exomad's  holdings are vast – it employs a combination of long term contracts for large forests, working with indigenous communities and securing private concession rights to create an enormous portfolio of forests.


In carefully selecting and nurturing the relationships that provide rights to these forests,  Exomad is able to provide a quality of product nearly unparalleled in the market.


Exomad maintains numerous offices throughout Bolivia to consistently maintain a healthy relationship with the local population whose forests are under Madera International's management, or to purchase wood as a third-party buyer from other local extractors.

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